Icon Editors and Icon Software for Windows 7

Create icons with the first icon editor officially "Certified for Windows" by Microsoft.  Edit and manage icons used by ALL versions of Windows.

Toolset includes four integrated icon utilities that work together to make and manage icons in everyway possible.  Also includes Microangelo On Display. (Included FREE!)

Search, extract, replace, eliminate duplicates and more with this comprehensive package of icon utilities.

Change Vista icons

Easily change Windows icons and icon settings with On Display.  Just right-click and select Appearance to change almost any icon.

On Display provides one elegant dialog to customize individual icons displayed for drives, folders, files and special objects.

Change or remove shortcut arrows, select desktop icons, change icon font and size, adjust icon spacing and more with Microangelo On Display.

Perpetual Calandar of World Holidays, Dates and Times

Einstime is a Time Information Manager that easily displays the Gregorian Calendar, Jewish Calendar, or a hybrid of both.

Time is relative in today's world.  Einstime calculates events across more than eighty world time zones, displaying them in the local time of your choice.

Einstime calculates birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, yahrzeits, and provides an outstanding world sun/moon/sunlight display!

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